Malware Security Consulting
We help companies, organizations and individuals keep their assets and information safe by protecting them against ransomware and APT.
Security Consulting Service for Ransomware,
APT and Other Malware
We offer malware security consulting to provide security strategies optimized for the operating environment as a way to protect the customer’s assets and information against (known, unknown or suspected) malware that can infiltrate the system through diverse routes for a targeted attack.
  • Malware Security
    Consulting Service
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    Consulting service using NPCore’s security solutions
    Checks the current security level and vulnerabilities at the lowest price in the industry
    Available security solutions: Network APT, Email APT, File APT and EDR
    Installation and setup of NPCore’s products: hardware, software and agent
    Duration: 1 month
    Cost: depends on the number of users and scale of the system
Analyzer Agent
Expected Results from the Malware Consulting Service
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  • Enable real-time detection, analysis and response in relation to ransomware and advanced persistent threat (APT) such as Zero-Day attacks using multi-dimensional analytical tools (Anti-Virus, Yara Rule, behavioral analysis, reputation analysis, AI analysis, etc.)
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  • Strengthen internal security for early response to new malware and malware variants that are known or yet unknown
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  • Enable precise detection of malware in each network segment and prevention of horizontal expansion
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  • Maximize security by preventing leakage of internal information and detecting and responding to threats based on around-the-clock monitoring