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ZombieZERO SECaaS (Security as a Service)

ZombieZEROEDR Cloud Service
ZombieZERO SECaaS is the cloud service for ZombieZERO EDR.
It is possible to purchase, install and manage the program in a software form from the webpage, and it is installed in the form of an agent in the user segmentssuch as computers and servers. Network packets generated in the user segmentsare sent to the cloud-type security server (cloud version of ZombieZERO Inspector) to detect and block new malware and malware variants including ransomware.

ZombieZERO SECaaS prevents information leakage with the malware detection and blocking functions of ZombieZERO EDR. and the functions of a secure sockets layer private virtual network (SSL VPN) that prevents data leakage.
Service Configuration