AI-based Extended Detection and Automated Threat
Determination Response Solution, ZombieZERO XDR

ZombieZERO XDR integrates and extends all security components,
including endpoints,
within a detection framework to detect the essence of threats.
By combining active data collection and automated threat determination technology (AI-TIP),
it is a next-generation platform that enables to automatically determine and
response to security threats
without the need for specialized analysts.

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    Possible to respond quickly and accurately to threats even with non-professional / limited personnel

    1. • Correlate data sources to reduce average time to detection
    2. • Accelerate classification, reduce investigation and scoping time to reduce average investigation time
    3. • Reduce average response time by implementing simple, fast and highly relevant automation
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    Enabling to establish Cyber Kill Chain strategies by ensuring visibility of anticipated threats

    1. • Collects all events occurring in endpoints and networks
    2. • Enhance visibility into overall security, not individual solutions
    3. • In the event of a cyber attack, enable situational awareness and response determination on attack through integrated analysis
Main Function
Classification of Functions
Implementation Method
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    Threat Determination

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    Threat Case Management

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    Compromise Threat Investigation

    Auto Analysis
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    Attacker Identification

    Auto Analysis
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    Attack Type Classification

    Auto Analysis
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    Data Collection

    Endpoint / Network / Security Device
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    Threat Intelligence

    [Incident information, Similarity of malware,
    Threat site prediction, Attack technique, Attack group]
    based on Threat Hunting
Implementation of ZombieZERO XDR features
Enabling active response by integrating key components of
security management automation and combining AI and TIP technology
Conceptual diagram of ZombieZERO XDR
Results of Implementation
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    Minimizing time, personnel, and cost through increased efficiency of Security Operations Center (SOC)

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    Protecting enterprises from security threats by reducing business risks

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    Enabling prevention, mitigation, detection, investigation, and response capabilities against threats

Target of Implementation
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    Institutions/enterprises that require continuous monitoring of multiple security devices

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    Institutions/enterprises that require incident root cause analysis and the establishment of potential security incident response strategies

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    Institutions/enterprises that need to establish a response process tailored to security targets

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    Institutions/enterprises that require efficient roles of security personnel

Use cases of ZombieZERO XDR
Application Areas

ZombieZERO XDR is a next-generation security control product implemented in the security environments
of institutions and enterprises.
It combines proactive information collection, SOAR
(Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response), NDR (Network Detection and Response),
and EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) functionalities
to effectively automate threat detection and response.
It also incorporates advanced threat detection technology and enables advanced threat response, making it an
extended security solution capable of addressing sophisticated threats

Service name Demand Delivery method Users
Domestic and foreign institutions Security Control Service
integrating with CTI
Professional Security
Control Service Provider
Domestic and foreign enterprises
DATA Platform
Domestic and foreign institutions Service through portal establishment Security control provider,
Information security operation center,
corporate security manager,
Incident (compromise) response analysis center
Domestic and foreign companies
Non-profit user [Free opening through identity verification]
White hackers, Non-profit information security research institutes,
Information security educational institutions, schools, etc.